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Art Contest and Exhibition Winners:

Thank you for all the artists who submitted your art works. A full Art Virtual Exhibition will be available between September 15th to November 9th, 2023. Link HERE

Adult 19+ Category

1st Place: Amy Wiebe Lau - The Equity Ladder

2nd Place: Jay Cabalu - De Los Reyes

3rd Place: Sanjeet Jaswal - Brown People Don't Have Trauma

Aug 13 to 19 Category

1st Place: Alena Fernandez - Earth's Beautiful Creatures

2nd Place: Jane Nam - Knitted

3rd Place: Sameera Parmar - Lotus Print

Age 12 and Under

1st Place: Charlotte Agtarap - River Rocks

2nd Place: Halia Chan - Our Dreaming Golden Tree

3rd Place: Nina Wyper - Peace

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